At Ace Realty Partners, our team is committed to working tirelessly to get our clientele the real estate winning hand. We deliver impeccable service and topnotch consulting to maximize our client’s real estate goals, whatever they might be. Our mission is to build strong relationships with our clients  while offering personalized service that reflects the type of service our owners would expect to receive themselves. We insist on honesty and integrity in all of our business dealings. Our team is proudly here to serve you, always aiming to exceed the industry standard with our work.

Alex Sadler – Broker


Born and raised 1 of 7 sons in Henderson, Texas, Alex has a wide spectrum of background experience that makes him a valuable asset as Broker and co-owner of our firm. Raised working in their family barbecue business (Sadler’s BBQ), Alex learned early on the value of customer service and the importance of quality business practices.

Upon graduating from Dallas Baptist University, Alex received his real estate license shortly thereafter and began working with an investment group in Dallas TX, buying/selling investment real estate. Being new to the company, Alex was diligent in watching and learning from others. Within 2 years, Alex relocated to Ft Worth, TX to act as Managing broker for another investment company at the age of 25.

Alex was one of the youngest brokers in the DFW Metroplex and yet his ambition, skills, and perseverance led him to manage an office of fifteen agents. Wanting a change of scenery, Alex was briefly involved in marketing, and in 2011 decided to create his own brokerage firm and co-founded Ace Realty Partners.
Outside of his work within Ace Realty Partners, Alex is personally involved with rental properties, owner-financed properties, and community real estate and therefore always has a pulse on the market. Alex believes that we as individuals are responsible to use what we have to help other people. As a firm, Ace Realty Partners acts from this perspective, going above and beyond in our relationships with clients.

Kathy Serie – Office Coordinator

Get To Know Kathy Serie

For most of my adult life, I’ve been a small business owner in the medical, retail and presently real
estate fields. Eight years ago, after moving to the DFW area, I transitioned to residential real estate. In
early 2019, an opportunity presented at Ace Realty Partners and I ventured into the investment world of
real estate. Currently, I do personal retail real estate and work at the brokerage as the office
coordinator. I am results driven and very much enjoy the variety of opportunities at Ace Realty Partners.
Alex is a proactive and innovative owner in the ever-changing DFW real estate market. Come check us
out and see if we are a good fit for your future!

Roman Rosales – GM of Renovations

Get To Know Roman Rosales

My passion for single family homes started way back in my twenties making insulated glass windows. The majority of my clients were contractors, so I developed a good relationship with professional remodeling companies. I quickly moved form building and installing windows to painting and carpentry. Something about building my own kitchen cabinets and shooting my own texture gave my projects a unique desirable flavor. Investors took notice of that quickly. Soon I developed real estate relationships with the ends of building an investor friendly remodeling company. With a huge learning curve I now understand structural integrity, adequate egress, and over general safety for a home. Now as part of this amazing acquisitions team I apply the construction experience along with a (CMA) to make an aggressive offer on a property. We then make it beautiful, liveable, safe, and obtainable to the end buyer.

Bailey Rentz – Acquisition Specialist/Retail Agent

Get to Know Bailey Rentz

My name is Bailey Rentz, I was born the youngest of three in good ole Abilene Texas! Although I grew up in a family of Texas Tech Red Raiders, I chose to go against the grain (avoid the orange dirt storms) and attend Baylor University where I studied Finance and Entrepreneurship.  Baylor is where I discovered my love for real estate, as I purchased and managed two rental properties while in school to help pay for college. 

So, upon graduating from Baylor University, I immediately started working in customer relations at Guidestone Financial Resources, here in Dallas Texas.  It was there that I learned the true value of quality customer service, and this is something I pride myself on today. I was fortunate enough to see my father start his own business from the ground up as a mechanical engineer, and while I did not inherit my father’s love for boilers, I did inherit the same entrepreneurial spirit which led me to transition my passions into Real Estate in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. I believe in being direct and honest with all relationships in my personal and professional life. It is from this mindset that has allowed me so many opportunities in helping people with the sell of their real estate.  If I cannot personally purchase your home, I know my vast network and knowledge of real estate can play a huge factor in helping in some shape or form.

Joshua Briseno – Project Manager

Meet our Team - Joshua Briseno

Nick Balazik – Acquisition Agent

Meet Our Team - Nick Balazik

Jarvis Davis – Acquisition Agent

Jarvis Davis

Carmen Mendoza – Owner Finance Specialist

Get to Know Carmen Mendoza